Japan's most convenient hub for business aircraft


Access to / from Nagoya Airport

Nagoya Airport is part of the well-developed urban traffic network of the Nagoya metropolitan area.
Central Nagoya can be reached in about 15 minutes from the airport via the urban expressway. The airport also offers easy access to Toyota City and other local cities.

Guide on road

Easy Access to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto

Nagoya is not only the final destination. It is also the best location to transit all over Japan.


*Travel times by Shinkansen are shown here.

The pride of Japan, the Shinkansen, is an express railway which is very punctual and runs every 7-10 minutes. This 16-car train can accommodate approximately 1,000 passengers. In addition, when travelling between Tokyo and Nagoya, you can see the beautiful Mt. Fuji just outside your window.
The Shinkansen has Green cars that provide special services like the first-class section of an aircraft.

Gateway to Asia

You can stop for refueling at Nagoya Airport when travelling from the East Coast of the United States to destinations in Asia such as China and India.


Transfer from international business flights to domestic flights in Japan

At Nagoya Airport, no waiting time is required to transfer to domestic business flights and helicopters. Passengers can get on their transportation immediately after CIQ procedures from the same parking area.