Japan's most convenient hub for business aircraft

Airport Facility

Ample Slots, Parking Spots, and Runway

There are ample slots and parking spots for business aircraft at Nagoya Airport. There is no restriction on parking period and jet aircraft can be accommodated for the entire period during international conferences and other major events. The runway is 2,740 meters (8,989.5 feet) long and can accommodate the take-off, landing, and parking of large business aircraft such as the B747.

High-level Privacy and Security

Nagoya Airport provides a special business aircraft passenger terminal that is separate from the terminal for passengers from scheduled flights. This approach offers enhanced passenger privacy and security for business flight passengers.

Wireless LAN Internet Access(Free Wi-Fi)

Nagoya Airport customers with wireless LAN compatible computers can use our free wireless LAN service.
Wireless LAN settings
→ Please select SSID "nagoya-ap" and input "nagoya-ap" as the security password.Free Wi-Fi

Quick CIQ Process

Nagoya Airport offers simple and rapid entry procedures for international passengers arriving on business aircraft. The customs process, immigration process, and quarantine inspection are carried out in a single room. The facilities allowing these expedited CIQ procedures were first introduced in Japan.
*Application for CIQ procedures has to be made 3 days in advance.

Short Passenger Traffic Route

The distance between the business aircraft parking spots and the special terminal is only 70 meters (230 feet), and an exclusive car parking area for business passengers is located right in front of the terminal. This allows passengers to get on their pre-arranged transportation immediately.
Three more aircraft parking spots were located in the north apron in March 2011. Currently up to 9 aircraft can be parked here.

Airport  terminal